The Tao of Schwarzenegger

This advice is from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. While many are not interested in achieving a bodybuilder’s physique, Arnold’s advice is useful for anyone trying to reach a fitness goal.

From the film Pumping Iron.

From the film Pumping Iron.

  1. VISION – Have a clear vision of where you want to go what you want to achieve.  “Vision creates faith, faith creates willpower,” writes Arnold.
  2. VISUALIZATION – Picture in your mind the kind of physique you need in order to attain your goals. You have to see in your mind’s eye the masses of muscles you want to build.
  3. ROLE MODELS – Get photos of persons with the type of physique you want.
  4. MOTIVATION – The driving force that gives you the will to attain your goals.  “Motivation creates discipline,” writes Arnold.
  5. TRAINING STRATEGY – Map out how you are going to train in order to attain your goals.
  6. MIND IN THE MUSCLE – Rather than thinking about the weight itself, think about the muscle. Picture the muscle working and growing.